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Keys To Attracting A High Value Woman In Modern Times

Keys To Attracting A High-Value Woman In Modern Times

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The keys to attracting a high-value woman in modern times may shock some of you…

… because even though you’ve been told—or I should say, “sold”—that women want a certain kind of man…

… but social media, Hollywood, and women are not telling you the truth.

Women say they want a nice guy but then they go for bad boys.

Some women are honest and say they want a guy who’s 6’ tall with a 6-figure income.

But that’s not what happens in the real world.

So if modern women aren’t settling down with nice, tall, or rich guys, what are they looking for?

Let’s explore the…

  • Lies of drunk and sober women
  • The truth about bad boys and players
  • And the one trait all women instinctively find irresistible…
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…because when you know these 3 keys to attracting a high-value woman in modern times, you’ll have the advantage over all those guys including pickup artists working with the wrong assumptions or bowing out altogether.

Attracting & Seducing a High-Value Woman

The keys to attracting & seducing a high-value woman in modern times are about understanding what women want…

… not what everyone is trying to make you think they want.

This brings us to key point #1…

1. Women Don’t Consciously Know What They Want

Sober women say they want a nice guy but they still go for the bad boys.

Drunk women say they want a tall, rich dude but eventually settle down with a nice guy.

Society tells women to want an equal partner but women friend zone or cheat on those guys, no matter how nice, tall or rich they are.

It’s no wonder men are so confused about women and modern dating.

The reality of what women want falls somewhere in the middle.

This brings us to key point #2, while women don’t consciously know what they want…

2. Women Do Unconsciously Respond To What They Need

While women can’t accurately articulate what they want in a man, their bodies know.

No matter what “they” are telling you, women haven’t evolved past their biology.


Even though Ashely told you she doesn’t see you as more than a friend, what Ashley thinks she wants is a nice guy who’s 6’ tall and making bank.

But then Ashely meets Brad who’s 5’9”, just starting a career with a pile of student debt to pay off.

Brad is direct with Ashley, telling her he likes her and wants to see her again, but then doesn’t always make time for her, replies to her randomly, and sometimes cancels plans with her.

He’s direct, unapologetic, and puts his needs first.

He’s not nice, tall, or rich… what gives? Why is Ashley drawn to this guy?

This is based on a true story and happens much more often than you think!

Part of the answer is #3 of the 3 keys to attracting & seducing a high-value woman in modern times.

3. Women Are Attracted To Dominant Men

A new study indicates that women aren’t most attracted to men who look more handsome than other men but to men who seem more dominant.

What is dominance?

Dominance is power or influence over others.

In dating and relationships, dominance includes power and influence over yourself.

One of the keys to attracting & seducing a high-value woman in modern times is knowing the difference between…

Unhealthy vs Healthy Dominance

Reality check: emotionally damaged women go for emotionally unhealthy dominant men—bad boys, players, users, and abusers.

Are emotionally unhealthy women the high-value women you want?


Unhealthy Dominance

Unhealthy dominance is about power and influence over others for self; these traits benefit you while hurting others.

This is where using and abusing comes into play.

Controlling, berating, manipulating, punishing, and mind-f’cking are unhealthy dominance traits.

A selfish dominant man may use or abuse an emotionally unhealthy woman but his dominance is attractive because he’s capable of protecting her from others.

On the other hand, healthy dominance is about power and influence over the self that can benefit others.

Drive, ambition, directness, commitment, dedication, and self-discipline are healthy dominance traits.

An emotionally healthy dominant man doesn’t use or abuse women, his dominance is a measure of his internal strength.

His dominance is attractive because he’s capable of protecting himself and her.


Let’s look back at Brad.

The reason Brad is so attractive to Ashley is because of his healthy dominance.

He exhibits dominance over himself by going for what he wants in life, which includes Ashely but not at the expense of his values and goals.

The reason he doesn’t always get together with Ashley, doesn’t reply, or sometimes has to cancel plans is that he’s focused on the priorities that improve his life…

… like focusing on studies to finish school and then working to pay off debt and advance his career or going to the gym to stay fit…

… all of which benefit him but also whoever he chooses to make a life with.

Key Point!

Yes, you need to contribute to a relationship, but an emotionally healthy woman who sees the value in your values will feel safer with you when you prioritize those values.

She trusts you know what should be a priority.

And she trusts you’ll know how to prioritize what’s truly important in a relationship and potentially for a family.

Personal responsibility and accountability to mutually valued priorities make women feel emotionally safe.

Key Point!

If she doesn’t value your priorities, it’s either the wrong time or the wrong woman.

So, one of the biggest keys to attracting & seducing a high-value woman in modern times is establishing dominance over yourself and your life’s priorities.

Remember, women don’t know what they want but they respond to what they need.

If you need help rediscovering your positive dominance traits, you may be low in testosterone! Make an appointment to get yours checked or get checked here.

When you understand a woman’s actual biological and unconscious needs, your interactions with them will be a lot smoother and more fun.

And the little word that most effectively communicates your dominance and makes her respect and want you more is, “NO.”

If you want to know when and how to use it to increase attraction and when to def definitely not use it and avoid losing a good one…

… watch my video: 99% Of ALL Women Are Turned On By THIS word.

Watch it now!

Thanks for being here, God bless!

Watch my NEW VIDEO here:


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