Penis Size And Other Penis Matters

A Write-In Question About Penis Size and Other Penis Matters

First of all, I’m not a firsthand expert in penis matters. Well, that’s a bit of a fib. I guess it depends. I’ve seen a few—sideways glance—but more importantly, I’m unfiltered and, even though I haven’t slept around (for years), I have asked around for years.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping around. Except for STDs. And unwanted pregnancies. And unwanted emotional attachment. And unwanted emotional detachment …

Damn it. Sleeping around isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (May have to write about that.)

A penis in the hand is better than one in the bush? (Lame joke. But, did you laugh?)

Anyway, back to the matter “in” hand: the penis.

The fellow asks:

  1. What do the majority of women consider small? average? big?
  2. Is bigger better?
  3. Do women speak about their boyfriend’s/husband’s penis size to their friends?
  4. Can penis size be a deal breaker?
  5. How important is it to women?

He doesn’t believe the stats online and adds that he’s “not looking to be comforted but [for] honesty …”

Keeping in mind that my opinions are derived from a healthy curiosity and years of unofficial research (martini nights with the gals; interviewing random strangers), you’ve come to the right place for straight-up info on penis matters!

Here we go!

Statistically, the average erect penis—measured from the top—is 5 1/4” long, not sure of the diameter. However, this is a global calculation.

Evidence shows that certain ethnic races report varying average-sized penises.

In general: Africa is hung; Asia, not so much.

Since the world population of Asians is greater than Africans, it might be suggested that the global averages are skewed.

Straight up (literally), a penis under 5 1/4” hard is considered small; over that might be considered large. But if you’re African, 6” might be considered small, and if you’re Asian, then 5” might be considered big.

Hint: No matter where your dick falls (short or long)—it doesn’t matter to the right mate. Remember: there are happy couples who don’t even couple at all, sometimes due to physical considerations (paralysis; ED) or it just ain’t their thing. (For real.)

Bigger isn’t better.

A long schlong works in porn because it’s easy to capture on video and, let’s admit, we all slow down when passing the scene of a car accident.

The best sex I’ve had so far wasn’t with the biggest dick. (Dual meaning.) I’m not alone.

Which brings me to the “do we talk about penis size” with our girlfriends? Yep.

But not overtly. Of all the “does size matter” conversations I’ve had—there’ve been many—in my experience, we talk in generalities and the more intimate and committed to a relationship we are, the fewer details we share …

Unless or until we break up. Then we may share more, but it depends on how well we think we were treated in the relationship. If the man respected us while we were in the relationship, there’s a good chance we’ll respect him afterwards.

There’s no question that small penis size has a stigma—at least in men’s minds.

I’ve rarely heard a woman share that a man she’s (been) with has a small penis—whether or not she’s currently with him and whether or not he was kind to her—not because she feels that he was inadequate, but because of the stigma she knows he may feel about it.

My editor also correctly notes:

And the opposite is true. Women may say proudly that their guy has a big penis because of social conditioning about large penises, even if sometimes that thing can be frightening at the wrong time of month or without enough foreplay (and she sometimes wishes it was smaller).

She’ll often remain silent during that part of the conversation or say “size doesn’t matter.”

Penis size does matter to some women. How many? Maybe most. But that doesn’t mean every woman wants a huge penis. Au contraire.

Someone I know was with a guy for many years who was hung like a large circus animal. She’s now much happier with her new man who sports a smaller (by comparison) penis.

There are women who experience extreme pain during sex and would appreciate a smaller penis. There are women who really don’t care and just want a man who cares. And, sure, there are women who like circus freaks.

As I said in my video about penis size, it’s more important that you feel comfortable with your body and confident in who you are and what else you have to offer as a person. There’s more to a relationship than sex, and there’s more to sex than penis size.

Yes, there will be women who prefer a larger (or smaller) penis than the one God gave you. So what? There are plenty of different deal breakers. If your penis size is a deal breaker, she’s not the right one—next!

The Takeaways:

  1. Different strokes for different folks—there’s a right fit out there for all of us.
  2. Just because you’ve got a big dick doesn’t mean you should be a Big Dick. Buh-bye!
  3. Just because you’ve got a small dick doesn’t mean you can’t be her biggest prize. Hello! (Hint: Don’t be a Big Dick!)

Hope this helps!

xo AJ

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In case you missed it in my other blog post on penis size, here’s the instant replay…

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John says March 2, 2017

I think men care too much about penis size the way women care too much about how they look. As in, it doesn’t matter. What are your thoughts?

    Anna Jorgensen says March 2, 2017

    Yep, men care a lot more about penis size than women care about penis size, just like women care a lot more about how they look than men care about how women look. Understanding this won’t change that, but it can help men and women be more understanding of each others’ insecurities.

Rob says December 17, 2017

You mention the extremely large end of the scale. But what happens at the extremely small end of the scale?

I get it when you say everyone has preferences, but (to me) it seems like tiny/micro only gets the negative comments. Never anything positive. Where all other sizes seem to have a bit more balance about whether they are good or bad.

Also, I know it’s had a negative effect on me, but do you think it has a negative effect on women? In that they see it as a terrible thing to have to deal with?

Thanks for your help

    Anna Jorgensen says December 17, 2017

    Thanks for your comment, Rob. Here’s the post about small penises:

      Rob says January 18, 2018

      Hi Anna,

      That link seems to just come back to this page.

        Anna Jorgensen says January 19, 2018

        Thanks for letting me know, Rob! Link updated!
        Also, please visit WingmamTV on YouTube where I post new dating and love advice for men — subscribe to be notified of new videos posted!
        xo AJ

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