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25 Clear Signs She’s Ready for Sex! (New: Video!)

Clear Signs She’s Ready for Sex with You, Dude!

In this #MeToo day and age, it’s no surprise men are asking for clear signs she’s ready for sex.

Orange is not the new black.

Jail time is not fun. Or so I’m assuming.

So, if a dude wants to be sure she’s ready to go all the way, he needs to pay attention to several behaviours and ultimately…

A man must always get express consent before having sex with a woman.

But guess what?

You can get express consent while turning her on even more. True story! 😉

Let’s start with the lead up…

Hint: As you’ll see, these signs are in progressive order, so the earlier ones won’t necessarily mean she wants to jump your bone immediately.

Remember, even if she just wants a one night hookup, women need foreplay. (Watch my video on the 12 Stages of Seduction.)

The latter signs are more clear signs she’s ready for sex now, baby, now but you still must get consent. #Slammer vs. #SlamHer

But before we get to these crystal clear signs she’s ready for sex with you, let’s do a quick prepared-for-sex checklist.

Tips to Be Ready to Have Sex with Her #notjustthetip

  1. Be clean: shower, shave/trim wherever is needed. Some chicks dig Sasquatch but most prefer a bit of pruning.
  2. Smell good: body; breath; butt. (Yup, butt.)
  3. Be prepared: bring a raincoat i.e. condoms!

Now you’re good to go! Fingers crossed you get to cum. 😉

Ok, so whether you’ve just met from across a crowded room (like a night club) or you’ve been sort of dating awhile or are just getting into sexting, here are the signs she might be ready for sex.

25 Signs She’s Ready for Sex (or Might Be)!


  1. Dresses extra provocatively than usual.
  2. Touches herself seductively.
  3. Moves slowly and seductively.
  4. Looks are you seductively; head tilted forwarded slightly, lowered lids, dilated pupils.
  5. Touches you like she would a boyfriend; on your waist, face, neck etc.
  6. Talks (or texts) about sex.
  7. Gives you the triangle look — eye to eye to lips. (See 25 Ways Women Flirt.)
  8. Compliments your body.
  9. Licks or bites her lips.
  10. Seems breathless.
  11. Asks about your sexual history. (She’s evaluating risks.)
  12. Texts with dirty thoughts, fantasies, photos. #Sexts!
  13. Asks if you live alone / are alone at home. Or…
  14. Let’s you know she’s alone at home.
  15. Makes an excuse to see your place.
  16. Invites you over while sexting or when text flirting has escalated.
  17. Touches your thigh. The longer the linger or the higher the hand, the more hot she feels.
  18. Offers a body massage.
  19. Doesn’t stop you when you advance seduction.
  20. Asks if you have condoms.
  21. Starts taking your or her clothes off.
  22. Directs your hand or mouth to her “not for public consumption” body parts.
  23. Says she wants you / wants to feel you inside her.
  24. Directs your Johnson (aka penis) to her lady bits (aka vagina).
  25. Begs you to have sex with her.

Remember, “no” means “NO” no matter what stage of seduction you’re at, even if you’re already three pumps in. Or seventeen.

How to Get Consent and Make Her Want You Bad

To be sure she’s ready and giving express consent, ask her along the way.

Trust me, if you’re doing everything right and she’s really ready, she’ll get even more turned on.

Use a lowered tone, slow your pace, whisper in her ear teasingly as though you already know she wants it more than you do and you’re willing to take it all away from her.

“Is this ok?”

This next one is the one-two knock down punch!

Ready, dude?

Okay, but be ready for a wild woman …

Whisper close to her ear just like you did the last line, totally in control and sultry, “You like that?”

If she breathlessly says, “Yeah” then follow up with the knock down:

“Tell me.”


“Say it.”

Yes, you are telling her to say she likes it. Or wants you or whatever.

Bam, baby!

Not only have you received express consent, but that girl will be so hot for you that she’ll practically beg for sex if you don’t give it to her.

Why This Works (If She’s Ready)

You’re in control, leading and dominating but at the same time making her feel safe.

You’re welcome.

Someone, pass me a cigarette.


xo AJ

p.s. Y’all know I don’t smoke, right? That was a joke, ‘cause … it’s gettin’ hot in here … ?

But, Anna, I don’t even have the confidence to talk to girls, or when I do I mess up, or when I don’t mess up they get to know me and they ghost me, or we date and then they ditch me or …

Woah, woah, woah. Stop! ?

You need — NEED — my WakeUP2Luv program. Get it here:

p.p.s. OMG, you read this far? Thank you! Also, I will probably do a video on this topic and repost this, eventually. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

p.p.p.s. If you’ve found my content valuable and feel inclined to do so, buy me a coffee here: ❤️ Thank you! ?

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  1. Wingmam, you’re a real gem!. you help so many guys overcome their insecurities and find the girl of their dreams. Bless you, for the good work you are doing, in your video, on how women think differently than men, you mention the need to procreate. Well, if a man can’t lasso his woman and win her over so that she WANTS him, We’ll likely end up with mamy kids with their dads in jail, What a cockeyed society that will create!??? I also read your blog about MLM and your sister. It takes guts to open up on something so personal and intimate. You’re right. life is not just a bed of roses there are happy times and there are sad times
    I like the way you expressed your sadness, without turning it into a sob story. And the F-bombs you included were just enough to make one realize that you are a hooman bean like the rest of us, you are in the business of romance with your head way up in the clouds, but you are still a real person with her feet firmly on the ground. I love your vids and how you are doing what you do. Too bad I’m way past my “sell – ‘by” date I would have loved to try out your suggestions, but alas!, for me to go after a woman is like a dog chasing a bus: what the hell does he do with it once he catches it?!???Life can be Soooo unfair!

    Last thought:
    *Always remember: thatyou are unique – just like all the rest of us*!?

    1. Awe, thank you so much! Personally, I never think men are past their “sell by” date, but some simply prefer observe from where they sit on the shelf, and that’s ok. But if you’re of the type who’d prefer a mate, if you’re still breathing, there’s still time. 😉

  2. Actually I m so confused ….that does she likes me…I mean want a physical relationship or not….can u help me…with that plz…idk how to handle it

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