8 Phrases That Turn Women On! (Video Added!)

Phrases That Turn Women On (& When NOT to Use Them)

There are certain subtle things men say that make women melt and the best part is these phrases that turn women on aren’t overtly sexual.

So, these can help trigger attraction whether you’ve just met her or you’ve been bumping nasties for years.

These are not pick up lines designed to get you a one night relationship, though they can certainly make you stand out from the other PUAs if you use them.

But the key is knowing when to use them and when to tuck them away for now.

Let’s Review!

Phrases That Turn Women On

  • I got this, bae/babe/baby/pet name if applicable.

Shows leadership, confidence and makes her feel taken care of.


Buying something big or small.

  • I’ll take care of it.

Similar to, “I got this.”


Stepping in to take care of an unpleasant conversation or situation, especially if you know she really doesn’t want to deal with it but is sucking it up because she thinks she has to (thanks to feminism).

  • You got this bae/babe/etc.

Shows you believe in her and her abilities.


Encouraging her in asking for a promotion, going back to school, changing majors etc.

  • You are so beautiful.

Affirms your attraction to her.

Most women will eventually wonder if you’re still attracted to them. She may start to wonder after a month, a year or ten years.

Say this first thing in the morning when she’s just woken up, got out of a shower, or has no makeup on. Or when you can see she’s made an effort.

  • You look extra beautiful/sexy today.

The words “extra” and “today” imply she always looks sexy but today—wow!

Trust me fellas, she will take note of this subtlety.

Women read everything between the lines, even things that aren’t there (as you know)!

  • How do you keep getting more beautiful?


You not only think she’s beautiful, you think she’s more beautiful.

Again, this reassures her you’re not considering other options.

Despite what you might think positive affirmation not criticism is what keeps a keeper.

You might be thinking, “But Anna, you said not to compliment a woman on her physical beauty.”

No, I said start with non-physical compliments if she’s super attractive. Everyone tells her she’s beautiful.

Give her compliments she’s not used to getting that are uniquely flattering.

Watch my How to Compliment a Woman video again.

Once you’ve got her interested, you want to make her feel like what she gets from you she can’t get anywhere else—a self-respecting worthy man who appreciates all of her, mind, body and soul.

If you’ve been together awhile, might be time to review my How to Keep a Keeper Happy video so you don’t get lazy in a relationship.


Same as previous example: when she’s made no effort or when she’s made extra effort or when she’s feeling generally low and needs a boost.

  • Hello, my Love.

While men’s greater needs in a relationship is to be respected and desired, women’s is to feel loved and cherished.

Once you’ve advanced to the relationship stage, subtle public declarations like this definitely have a positive effect on her.

By publicly claiming her, she feels both loved and cherished.


She’s with a group of females friends and you approach with the greeting, “Hello, my Love.”

Her heart will skip a beat knowing you’ve staked your claim in front of other women, essentially letting them know your heart is taken.

You will get some good loving later!

  • Hello, my Woman.

Similarly to, “My Love,” claiming a woman by calling her your woman sends a signal of commitment and dedication.

When to use?

Anytime you greet her, whether others are around. More details in video.

When not to use?

If she’s a feminist (or wants her girl friends to think she is), then she may prefer you save this phrase for when you’re in private or not use it at all.

Now, let’s look at when not to use these phrases and then I’ll give you a quick bonus tip on how to deliver these phrases to ramp up their impact.

When NOT to Use

When you’re trying to get out of doing something she wants you to do or you’ve been caught doing a naughty, like fibbing—unless the fib is so small and obvious it could be comical.

Essentially, never use these when there’s something in it for you! They will come off as insincere and manipulative.

  1. You messed up and need forgiveness.
  2. You want something from her—a favour, sex etc


She says, “Did you just check out that girl?”
You reply, “No way, I did not just check out that brunette in the red sweater because you are so beautiful there are no other women.”

The detail of your recollection and exaggeration make this fib so obvious as to be a tease.

But only if your girl isn’t super insecure. See emotionally damaged women video.

Make-Her-Juicy Bonus Tip

Say these phrases that turn all women on…

With a low, slow deep voice and when close to her—but within hearing range of those you’d like to hear—or near her ear, depending on the phrase used and situation (if others are around).

The reverberation of your voice and your close proximity will send shivers right down to her … toes! 😉

And if you want to know the character traits all women love and any man can develop, you definitely want to watch my What Makes a Real Man to Her video series.


About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Joe says April 22, 2021

Here is an example of what not to say to a woman as a firend of mine did. See Robert is a kind hearted chairiable man that owns a local sporting goods store. He has been trying to find someone to work the front counter without success. Robert and a few of his buddies meet once a week for lunch over the last several years and have taken a liking to this one waitress. She was good at her job, friendly, young and very attractive. Come to find out during lunch she informed them that the resturant was closing and she was being let go. Robert inquired if she consider a position at his store since he could not find someone. She did and was hired shortly there after. Fast forward a few months later Robert’s wife Karen walks in the store and sees this hot bubbly young lady working the counter, Karen goes back to Robert’s office, shuts the doors, as I was told, and ask how or what is working the front counter. Robert told her the situation, she had been working a few months and was dependable plus doing a great job. Karen feeling a bit threaten goes…:Are you F……ing her Robert!: Robert replyed..without thinking….”I wish!” Some how they are still married and Robert is still alive! Thought you migh need a laugh! Take Care Joe

    Anna Jorgensen says April 22, 2021

    Lol… great reply even if dangerous! 😉

    Never put your balls in a woman’s purse, they’ll disappear forever! Lol

Xavier Mercado says April 22, 2021

I found a kipper no red flags I proposed to her but it went wrong. Wrong birthstone and she likes silver not gold.
She was kind to let me know the details. I don’t know how to set a date? How do I approach her on the date to set?

    Anna Jorgensen says April 23, 2021

    She was kind about her preference, that is key! Regarding selecting a date, discuss it with her. There will be likely some meaning in a date for her and she will appreciate that conversation. Congratulations, I’m happy for you! 🙂

Wally says May 18, 2021

In my life I have had one…maybe two…women that were angels in disguise I believe. To make it short, one of them, and I, were in touch by letters and phone a LOT, for close to 5 years after a long time . We worked together more than a couple decades ago, I loved her years ago but she was very serious about her guy and all I can say is that she hung onto him…yet she stayed after our shift and chatted like we knew each other each shift at night. She intended marriage, she said, so I (close to love at 1st sight with her, never a thing so lovely inside and outside did I see,) so I called her at home, we both off that day, I said I was surprising myself because I could not express how I felt towards her, yet she was spoken for, she had told me in one of our talks (a lot of praise, that the other women who worked there agreed if ever there was “gentleman and gorgeous” put in one it was me.) Longer story short, she wanted me to stay, be friends, even of all her family (and him!) I said love, something that I’d disagreed with Shakespeare about; that it is NOT good to have loved and lost, etc” It stunk that statement and I was right when I said goodbye and I hated the cruelty played on me by “whomever,” for love is not of our choosing but something given to us…and I never knew that it would not be reciprocal.
I was right for close to near 30 years passed, I loved her every day. When I found her, she and I were like two giddy school kids and as written before, her husband dead, she and I wanted to be together. But, when the constant true, beautiful cards and letters…phone callss nightly ceased. At near 70, looking like 50-55…not that it mattered to me, she was suddenly dead.
Being a hopeless romantic all my life, never having it but for just 5 years, intending to marry, geographically far apart, so content with love we never consumated 30 years before, I simply wept my eyes nearly out. Thank God I have her gorgeous picture to see next to me for I shall be gone soon too. Why God, why? I ask reverently, but why…over 70 years and never to rise and retire with “that one” and if I could have spent many years making her content, loved and needed. I believe that love I felt, knew, is almost non-existent. wally

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