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Make Her Feel Safe

How to Make Her Feel Safe How to make a woman feel safe is best understood with a story. Once upon a time, there was an average guy named John who wasn’t the tallest, richest or best looking fella but the ladies thought he was stellar! He had the knack of ATTRACTING seducing the most […]

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8 Phrases That Turn Women On! (Video Added!)

Phrases That Turn Women On (& When NOT to Use Them) There are certain subtle things men say that make women melt and the best part is these phrases that turn women on aren’t overtly sexual. So, these can help trigger attraction whether you’ve just met her or you’ve been bumping nasties for years. These […]

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Why Do Nice Guys Get Rejected?

Why DO Nice Guys Get Rejected? I get asked the question why do nice guys get rejected by both “good men” and “nice guys.” What’s the difference? Before I share my answer, first ask yourself these questions… Do you: Find it difficult to disagree with people, especially women? Avoid conflict even when you actually want […]

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How to Tease a Girl Effectively!

How to Tease a Girl Effectively Knowing how to tease a girl (or a woman) without offending her requires knowing this one thing about the tease, because if you mess up a tease you could get punched in the gonads. Metaphorically, that is. Now that I’ve got your attention, and since no man wants to […]

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Ditch Loneliness & Get a Girlfriend in 2021!

How to Get a Girlfriend in 2021 Why you need to know how to get a girlfriend in 2021…Loneliness and depression are linked to shortened life span! Though, the good news about a shortened life span is not having to endure said lonely life quite as long. Ugh. Loneliness was at epidemic proportions even before […]

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