Sexual Attraction and Physical Contact

From Conversations with Woman on Sexual Attraction and Physical Contact Dear Gentlemen, please: Don’t Assume She’s Attracted Don’t think that a conversation that seems easy and flows naturally means that she is sexually attracted to you. Some signs mean she is sexually attracted to you; [some] signs mean she’s not sexually attracted to you. Comfortable conversation does […]

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Project 50 First Dates—First Date #5: Smoke Signals

Is Smoking a Dealbreaker? Dating site: Age: 50s Kids: don’t think so. Work: management In all fairness, it was my fault. I didn’t read his profile. Or maybe I did, and I can’t remember because they―dating site profiles―start blurring together after a while. Hey, don’t judge―this is honesty. Anyone on a dating site long […]

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The Best Places To Meet Women (For Shy Guys)

Where Are The Best Places to Meet Women? Whenever I’m asked by shy guys where the best places to meet women are, I say, “Online dating sites.” And then they sigh, or roll their eyes, or slump their shoulders—or all of these things—and say, “I tried online dating and it didn’t work for me.” And then I […]

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