How to Handle Women’s Tests … Like a Real Man ;)

How to Handle Women’s Tests | Dating Tips for Men 2020

Even though men are rarely happy about women’s tests, they’re happier when they learn how to handle women’s tests effectively.

The good news: women testing men is here to stay!

Why is that good news??

Because if she’s testing you there’s still a chance for you. Women don’t bother testing men they have no interest in.

The other good news: when you know the formula to handling tests, they become easy (ok, easier) and sometimes even fun. For real.

Remember that learning anything worthwhile requires time, consistency and effort. That’s life.

If you don’t think there’s value in the end goal — getting an amazing girlfriend who’s your best friend — then there’s no need to put in any effort. Be single.

Tips on Handling Women’s Tests Like a Real Man 😉

  1. Brush it off
  2. Stay calm
  3. Tease her
  4. You’re the prize
  5. She’s your #1
  6. Boundaries & “THIS!’
  7. Stand firm but do “this”
  8. Speak up
  9. Treat her like a “BLS”
  10. Make it easy
  11. Mindset: walk away but…
  12. NOT if you can’t ___!
  13. Anger is ok, ___ is NOT!
  14. Honour values & ___
  15. Remember WHY women test!

Let’s go into these just a snitch more…

Brush it Off

Always assume she’s not really serious. Usually, she isn’t! (Unless, you fail da test.)

Stay Calm

If the slightest thing sets you off, she won’t feel safe with you. She’ll see a red flag regarding your temper.

Tease Her

Be playful, not mean, and you’ll prove you can roll with the punches. Life is full of punches.

You’re the Prize

If you put her on a pedestal, she’ll look down on you. She mirrors your view of yourself!

She’s Your #1

All women want to feel special. It’s not weak to make her feel that way as long as you don’t lose yourself in her or the relationship!

Boundaries & __

Boundaries help you not lose yourself in the relationship. She respects this. Respect precedes attraction!

Watch the video for the “and!”

Stand Firm but…

She also respects when you know your values and stand up for yourself even if she doesn’t agree with those values. I repeat: respect precedes attraction!

Watch the video for the “but!”

Speak Up

Just like you’re not a mind reader, neither is she. Make your needs and desires clear, but not needy.

Treat Her Like a “BLS”

If you think of her as a BLS when she’s acting like one, it’ll be easier to not be tempted to put her on that pedestal you keep handy. 😉

Make it Easy

If you make it easy for her to drop it, she will (unless it really is important). But if you make it difficult, her ego will get involved and conflict will result. No nookie for you!

Walk Away

Always know that you can handle walking away and you’ll be ok. Women want to be desired not needed!

But Not if You…

…Can’t handle the test. If you walk because you’re ineffective, you’ll never learn how to get a great woman.

And then you’ll just be bitter instead of better. Ouch.

Anger is Ok, __ Isn’t

It’s natural to feel frustrated when a woman tests you, but you don’t want to take that anger out on her. Remember, she needs to feel safe!

Honour Values & __

Women respect men who honour their own values and set ___. Need I repeat yet again: respect precedes attraction?


Women test men because it’s the surest way of revealing a man’s true character and she needs to know if your character will be safe for her.

So, whether you’re building a business, a better body, a bicycle or great relationships with women, learning to understand women will give you an edge and make life a heckofa lot easier!

And if you want some specific examples of how to handle women’s tests, I’ll give you 15 examples here.

xo AJ

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