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Psychology of Ignoring a Woman

Psychology of Ignoring a Woman

(Review of Darius M’s Video)

The Psychology of Ignoring a Woman is the first video of Darius M I’ve watched, so I’m basing my evaluation exclusively on this video not his channel.

Have you ever had a woman cause too much drama?

Do you know what to do when women start arguments with you out of nothing?

How do you deal with women who have emotional issues from past relationships?

Should you simply ignore women who are problematic?

These are some of the things Darius M talks about in his video Psychology of Ignoring a Woman which I’ve decided to review after one of my viewers requested I check out his channel.

If you’ve seen Darius’ video and are thinking of following his advice, then I urge you to watch this video first, because you could be making a big mistake and end up losing a good woman.

To avoid a potential copyright strike, I reviewed without showing any part of his video in mine but have embedded it below.

I’ll be summarizing in my own words with my additional thoughts in (parenthesis) and any direct quotes in “quotations.”

If you like this format and want me to review someone else’s video please put the name of the channel and/or the title of the video in the comments of my video on YouTube without the link. (Links get filtered.)

Psychology of Ignoring a Woman

Darius’ video opens with an interaction between a pair of lions, male and female, where the male lion is chillin like a villain and the female, being ignored, is basically all over him.


(Darius, that’s a strong opening, Sir!)

Darius suggests a lot of the problems men have with women are because women create their their problems and men swoop in and try to fix those problems.

He says to ignore these kind of women and give your attention to the women who aren’t like this.

Basically, give your time and attention to high value women.


(So far, I agree.)

He says even good women will sometimes be difficult in relationships and “pull some stunts.”

If you react emotionally, she has control.

You must maintain emotional control and ignore her when she displays bad behaviour.

If you submit to her, you teach her what works. (AJ: Like you would a child.)

If you give in to her demands, she learns she can get away with bad behaviour and you lose control of leadership in the relationship. (AJ: You also lose her respect.)

“Stop getting emotional. Stop letting her actions dictate how you move and how you feel and how you think.” ~ Darius M

Darius says to let her fix some of her own problems and create some of her own happiness.


(Absolutely true. Great advice thus far, but let’s see if we agree on all points.)

He also says women do certain things (shit tests) to see how much they matter to you and how you’ll react.


(If you’ve ever had a woman angry at you and her reaction didn’t seem warranted or it felt exaggerated, you need to watch my video on why women test you and how to handle shit tests—ignoring is just one of the recommendations depending on the situation.)

“Stop trying to be a Dr. Phil or psychiatrist for women.”


(I Agreed, because when you become a woman’s emotional tampon and lose yourself in the process, she’ll lose respect for you. No respect = no sexual attraction.)

Darius also says by ignoring a woman when she’s trying to get you involved in her problems it will force her to look in the mirror and check herself and her accountability.


If you’re tired of women getting away with bad behaviour and not accepting responsibility and you want to contribute to changing that, there is something you can do.

It’s not an easy ask, but if you do it you’ll be one more brave man contributing to fixing the problem of modern day women. Watch my video on Why Women Don’t Accept Accountability.)

Darius also says don’t be paying for the damage done by men in her past.

If she’s got an issue that doesn’t affect you, ignore her. If she thinks you don’t care, she’ll be more interested.


(Ok, so I agree with this to a degree. Reverse psychology is at play with the whole ignore her strategy, but there is a caveat.

If she’s truly a high value woman who treats you right and is there for you when you’re down about things that don’t matter to her but do matter to you then she’s going to legit want the same from you.

Healthy relationships include being on the same team and supporting each other.

I think Darius is talking about women who may have higher value potential but aren’t quite there yet. Fair enough.

But to clarify, if you do find a high value woman, you don’t want to treat her the same way you’d treat a lower value woman or woman with some issues—which is most women nowadays, sorry, ladies.

I’m bringing this to your attention so you don’t mistakenly overuse or misuse the ignore strategy on a keeper and lose her to someone who legit treats her right.

Right doesn’t mean submissive or dismissive.

End of AJ’s long ass side note!)

Darius basically says don’t act or be needy.

He talks about how many women he’s slept with the world over by ignoring them.

They want to prove their worth to him so they do the chasing and “spread their legs” for him.


(Here’s where I’m going to slip in a truth bomb: I hope you notice the correlation of few high value women with few women who’ll keep their legs closed until you’ve earned your way to her cookie.

In other words, it’s actually easier to get laid today because feminism has made it not only ok but a badge of honour for young women to have a high body count.

But getting laid and getting a good girlfriend are two different things.

Unless she’s really ready to hang up her hoe shoes, she’s far more likely to be low value for a long term relationship.)

Darius correctly says men who act like a girl’s bestie (AJ: emotional tampon) don’t get laid.


(Yep. 100%. Not only do guys who are too nice not get laid, they also don’t get girlfriends. So, this is one area you may want to address if you’ve ever been told you’re such a nice guy or a people pleaser.

There are a lot of reasons why people pleasers get rejected and if you’ve been rejected and/or friend zoned a lot then you definitely want to check out my Nice Guys playlist and/or my Friend Zone playlist. See below.)

“Give her silence. Because silence will cause her to reflect on what she said or did and come back and apologize.”


(If she legit did or said something wrong and you really didn’t and she’s not emotionally damaged, this is true.

You’ve got to be able to objectively determine if she’s being unreasonable or if you may have contributed to the situation.

Again, how this plays out will vary greatly depending on how much emotional intelligence she has.

And if she is emotionally damaged and won’t apologize when warranted, then that’s a red flag and I strongly encourage you to watch my video on When To Walk Away.)

Darius notes that in order for ignoring her to work, she does have to have some attraction for you. If that’s gone, this won’t work to get her back.


(But chasing her won’t work either! There’s a huge difference between chasing and pursuing so if you’re not sure what that looks like then watch my video Chasing vs Pursuing a Woman.

And if you’ve been broken up with or your lady is pulling away then do not do anything until you’ve watched all the videos in my Get Her Back playlist or you’ll risk losing her forever.)

Darius say, “Do not react!”


(Yep. There’s a big difference between reacting and responding.

Reacting is based on emotional impulse whereas responding is based on emotional control and mindful evaluation.

It actually takes a strong man to control himself when a woman has triggered him, but if you can do that it is very attractive for a number of reasons.

If you want to know what women find the most attractive traits in men they’d consider a long term relationship with, watch my short video series on What Makes a Real Man to Her. But only if you want a high value woman. ;))

He suggests if she’s stringing you along, don’t reply. Leave her message on “read.”

Focus on the women who are actively engaging with you and showing real interest in you.

“Don’t try to force a woman to do what you want her to do… Tell her one time.” ~ Darius M


(I also address this in my video on Chasing vs Pursuing. Leave the ball in her court. Of course, you need to actually send the ball to her court first.)

Darius says instead of feeling bitter toward women you’ll feel more at peace.

“Only deal with women who are cooperating. Ignore the ones who are giving you a headache and a hard time.” ~ Darius M

Wingmam Summary

Overall, even though this is the only video of Darius M I think I’ve seen, I agree with pretty much everything he said in this video, Psychology of Ignoring a Woman, at least in principle.

Don’t Ignore Her IF…

I want to emphasize again you don’t ignore a woman for the sake of ignoring if she’s cooperating and attentive.

Darius mentioned this in the video more than once and I want to reiterate it so you don’t lose a good woman thinking ignoring her is always the right strategy.

If you ignore a woman who doesn’t deserve it, especially if she’s high value, you will lose her.

High Value Women

High value women have choices because they are a rare breed—or at least, they’re more challenging to find.

She doesn’t mind being single because she knows it won’t have to be for long.

Or, worse for you, she’ll leave you for another man. That would suck, dude.

Be a High Value Man

The key is to not feel or act needy or insecure.

With the amount of rejection you face out there today, I know that’s a tall order.

But I guarantee being bitter and/or insecure and needy is not going to get you a good girlfriend or a good time.

It’ll only get you more suffering in the dating market.

So, if you are interested in decoding women and getting a girlfriend, watch the videos I mention in the video (below).

Most guys go about dating the wrong way so they either get rejected or end up in toxic relationships.

The key is to attract quality women who would be good to you and for you.

I’ll show you how to attract women like this by making some simple changes in the way you go about the dating scene.

Then you won’t have to use tactics like ignoring women because they’ll be women you’ll want to keep.

However, before you rush into the dating game you need to make sure you’re in the right place to do so.

Otherwise you’ll be in for a rough ride. Not the fun kind.

So, if you’re not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze then watch my video 5 Benefits of Staying Single & 5 Times to Stay Single for Now or Forever.

Whatever makes you happier, I support you.

God bless.

xo AJ

Darius’ Video:






psychology of ignoring a woman Darius M

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  1. This is exactly my dilemma. U dont want to people pleaser. U want to keep it edgy. Sex and relationship will always be better . Very hard to do . Your other brain thinks it isn’t getting any . But if u wait it out . Hold your ground ..She will alway ride u like seabiscuit . Hard ones to handle are always a better bet . Trust me

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