Easier Online Dating

Top Tips for Easier Online Dating

Ok, maybe easier online dating is a stretch; online dating is work, after all. But there are ways to make your efforts more effective!

Effective means: less time consuming, fewer frustrations and more and better dates.

So in the order of efficiency, let’s get right to it.

Easier Online Dating Tips

Know your top five deal makers and deal breakers (combined) before you start dating.

This means that you know what these are before you even get on a dating site (if you choose to go that route).

Yes, only five.

This doesn’t mean other things aren’t also important; it means that you’re going to bypass anyone who doesn’t at least meet these basics.

My example:

  1. Honourable (this covers a lot)
  2. Affectionate (hand-holding and PDAs, yes, please)
  3. Makes me feel safe (emotionally, this covers a lot)
  4. Attractive (to me)
  5. No rug-rats (I suck at step-mom’ing.)

Of course, if you haven’t already guessed it, my WakeUP2Luv program takes you through a step-by-step process to figure this out.

Get to know your potential date a little by text and phone before you go on a date.

You want to cover some of the basics—your top five deal makers/breakers at the very least.

That way you can decide if you want to date a woman who “is not materialistic.” (Read: may lack motivation to improve her life standard, you will be paying for everything; or may be a hippy environmentalist and refuse to ride in your Hummer.)

My no-go example:

A man who “wants a natural girl who doesn’t wear scents: perfume, deodorant …” (I’ve worn Chanel Allure parfum for, like, everrr.)

Hint: Try to be conversational, not interrogational.

If you’re meeting on the pretence of potential friendship…

If one of your top five makes a romantic relationship unrealistic, be sure your date knows this unequivocally before the date so she can decide if she’s interested in friendship.

Don’t lead someone on.

My example:

Several years ago, I had a great “friendship only date” with a guy who has young kids (totally a no-go zone for me, see above).

By the way, why would you go on a friendship only date?

Because friends are good to have and you/they have other single friends.

If your new friend is cool, their friends are cool, too. Set your ego aside.

Speaking of ego…

Side Note Tips for Easier Online Dating

  1. Telling a gal how many hotels you own is tacky. Or saying that you pay $7000 a month in rent. Cheesy! As in: Is that all you have to offer, dud(e)? Don’t complain about gold-diggers if you’re the one digging them up.
  2. If you are looking for a potentially long-term relationship, don’t send selfies of you in your tighty-whiteys in the bathroom mirror and def definitely don’t send dick pics! I don’t care if you own Park Place, that’s tacky.

Worth repeating! Never send dick pics if you’re looking for long-term love!

Easier Online Dating Takeaways

  1. Know what you want and don’t want before looking for love.
  2. Get to know her just enough to know better before you go on a date. #filter
  3. Don’t be a dick. No dick pics!

You may also want to consider my short and sweet video program: Double Your Online Dating Training.

I got a nice email (yesterday) from the last fella who invested in the program (last week) and got a date (a few days later) and is going on date #2 with a new lady (soon)!

Yay for G.T.!

xo AJ

Or start by watching my easier online dating playlist:

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  1. Your 1 thru 4 would be on my list also. Your definition of your #3 would likely vary some from mine but I think we have them there for the same ultimate purpose.
    Your #5 would be my preference but not a show stopper so it wouldn’t be on my list. Many very fine, datable, lovable women have children I think, I wouldn’t want to eliminate that large group of women from my “possible” list but I’m not seeking an instant family.
    My #5 would be religious and political compatibility. While I do have room for some variance of thought in these areas, I also have some big red lines.

  2. Anna,

    Great job on all of the advice videos you post. You asked about the hair. You are lucky and have a face that looks great with both long and short hair. The pixie look is perfect and the long hair is wonderful, worn in the 80’s style.

    Keep up the good work,

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